We Service & Install:
Geo Thermal Open & Closed Loop Systems
Propane & Natural Gas Forced Air Furnaces
Gas Boiler Heating Systems
Hydronic Infloor Radiant Heat
Gas Logs * Loft Burners
Ductwork Design Layout
Oil Furnaces & Boilers

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heating1Stocking Filters: 16x25x5, 20x20x5, and 20x25x5 Air Bear, and a large selection of other sizes and brands. Call now to see if yours is in stock! Also in stock includes a variety of gas valves, furnace ignitors, sequencers, relays, motors, and much more.
We also install and repair ductwork. We offer spiral ductwork, ductboard, and sheetmetal. We have a sheetmetal brake and we make our necessary duct work.
Our heating Techs and Installers are extemely qualified veterans in this field. Some of our heating technicians include Rick, Doug, Jim, Dan, Mike, Scott, and Dennis. All have worked for years in heating and LP. They are recipients of numerous classes and technological updates, and they all have award winning personalities.