propaneBolinger’s propane delivers agriculture, residential and commercial propane gas.  Bolinger’s Propane Service encourages all customers to be “route” customers thus reducing “out of gas” service charges.  We also offer Summer-Fill deliveries, Pre-buy and Budget programs.

Tank Setting– Two hours of labor is included at no charge starting with loading at the plant.  Additional labor is $50 per hour.  All tanks must be set in an area that will allow delivery from the driveway or road within 70 feet.  In order to set the tank 10′ from any building, 25 feet of copper line is furnished.  We retain ownership of the high-pressure and tank pads.  The low-pressure regulator is $65 plus tax.  Any extra work/parts will be billed accordingly.  Tank rent of $1 up to $100 is due annually based upon your gas consumption.  Pig tank rent is $50-100 annually.

Route Customers enjoy the convenience of deliveries based upon your average gas consumption, thus eliminating the worry of running out of gas.  Payments received within 10 days, receive the discount price.

Call-in Customers are required to call for deliveries when their gauge reaches 30%.  Calling at this point allows the necessary time (two week period) to route your delievery thus avoiding delivery charges.  Customers may order a tank fill or a minimum delivery of 200 gallons.

When a customer allows their tank to run out of gas, a Gas Check must be performed.  This Gas Check helps to reduce the risk of gas leaks in piping.  Gas Checks cost $50-$120 depending upon location of Bobtail, timeframe needed or if required after regular hours.

Customers may take advantage of Summer-Fill pricing.  Deliveries can start as early as June and usually ends by August 31st.  Deliveries during this time are normally the lowest price of the season.  Most route customers automatically receive summer-fill, unless the customer submits a writtien notice to decline summer-fill. Call-in customers need to call and schedule their summer-fill delivery.

The Budget program begins May 15th of each year and continues for 10 months with the settlement month in April.  With this plan, normally the payment will be same amount every month.  An altered amount may be assessed if your usage or gas price fluctuates.  The budget amount is based upon your average usage and current pricing.  Budget accounts are locked into our discounted price.  You will be placed on our Route schedule as long as your account is currently paid.

Customers that decide not to be in our budget program can still lock-in a price for the heating season with Pre-Buy Pricing. A down payment of .10 cents per gallon is required to lock-in the price.  These gallons are available October-March, thus allowing customers to still take advantage of summer fills.


****This is subject to change at anytime****